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The name’s Anthony Woolf and I’ve been drawing since I could hold a pencil.  My hobbies include drawing, playing chess, reading, drawing, running, biking, drawing, watching movies, dating my wife and drawing.

My love for comics came at an early age as I would read from my Dad’s comic book collection of over 800 comics like The Incredible Hulk, Weird Western Tales, Archie, Richie Rich, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Legion of Super-Heroes and more.

Later on, I began to appreciate comic books for the art and started to really enjoy books like BattleChasers, Danger Girl, Fathom, and Spawn. Like most folks, a well drawn,  nicely colored cover grabs my attention and begs me to open the book and look inside.  Most of the time I am disappointed with the artwork that I see inside as it doesn’t match the caliber of the art on the outside.

Thus, my quest is to mesh those two worlds and give you, the RELICS fan, a beautifully drawn and colored comic on the inside and the outside.